May 11, 2016 mountainproductions

[STAGING SPOTLIGHT] The SL-320 Mobile Stage

One of our most popular mobile stage units is the SL-320, as it combines strength with the efficiency of quick setup and tear down. We’ve built the SL-320 to stand as the main stage as well as side stages to large festivals all throughout the country.


Pocono Downs Summer Series / SL-320


Duchess County Fair / SL-320

The SL-320 can be completely built by 8 competent operators, and takes roughly 4 hours. Safety and training is a must, but with a qualified crew (2 certified technicians and 6 stagehands), the SL-320 can be driven into position and setup with ample time for your sound check and production load in.

The SL-320 stage floor is a 40’ x 40’ area, and the rigging capacity of the unit is 26,000 lbs. Another important feature of the SL-320 is its level of safety and wind resistance. This stage is designed to withstand winds up to 90 MPH without windwalls and 60 MPH with windwalls.


North Coast Festival / SL-320


Carolina Rebellion / SL-320

Along with banner support for custom branded softgoods, the SL-320 can be also flanked by custom built wings to hold video screens, additional audio, or whatever else you may need. This is our specialty. With our in-house engineering team, we are capable of providing additional support and structures to the SL-320 that are beyond the standard package.


Electric Forest / SL-320 with scaffold wings


Electric Daisy Carnival / SL-320 with scaffold wings


National Christmas Tree Lighting / SL-320


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