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70000 Tons of Metal – Where Heavy Metal Meets the High Seas 

As the echoes of heavy metal dissipate across the high seas, we’re looking back at our recent work on 70000 Tons of Metal, the world’s biggest heavy metal cruise, and the intricacies involved with bringing such an event to life.  

Setting sail from Miami, Florida on board Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas, the 12th edition of this unique cruise experience welcomed 3,000 metalheads from around the world. Over 4 days, this floating festival featured over 60 heavy metal bands and 120 live shows. 

Continue reading for a closer look at the equipment we provided for each of the ship’s stages and the unique challenges involved with staging an event of this scale at sea. 

70000 Tons of Metal main stage

Stage Breakdown Onboard Freedom of the Seas 

Pool Deck Stage 

As the world’s biggest open-air stage to sail the open seas, the Pool Deck Stage required our robust 90’x35’ Custom Performance Roof System and 68’x28’ Main Deck. With performances throughout the week from the likes of Blind Guardian, Angra and Equilibrium, there were mosh pits aplenty on the ship’s main deck! 

Studio B: 

Providing an arena-like atmosphere, Studio B featured our expansive 36’x24’ stage which was complemented with rolling risers to ensure dynamic performances. In addition, we supplied Mojo Barricades to ensure safety and visibility for both artists and fans alike. 

Royal Theater: 

The five-storied concert hall of the Royal Theater was equipped with our Mojo Barricades and Rolling Risers. These essential pieces of equipment were crucial in facilitating a seamless performance experience for the artists and viewing experience for the audience. 

Pyramid Stage: 

For the Pyramid Stage, a more intimate 16’x8’ platform was supplied. This compact yet versatile stage allowed for a variety of performances inside Freedom of the Seas’ intimate Star Lounge and created a closer connection between artists and the audience.  

Belly Flop Stage: 

The cruise’s infamous belly flop contest is always one of the stand-out events from the cruise and as such our 4’x12’ stage was supplied solely for this event. Judged by a panel of seasoned Heavy Metal artists, participants were scored on the sheer audacity of their belly flops into the ship’s Solarium Pool.  

Karaoke Stage: 

Hosted at Playmakers Sports Bar, the cruise’s karaoke night offered festivalgoers the opportunity to get behind the mic and sing until sunrise. What’s more, on the final day of sailing, the Karaoke party moved to the Solarium on the ship’s main deck where the metalheads on board could sing under the stars on our 12’x10’ stage.  

Our comprehensive setup ensured that every performance, whether it was a full-throttle metal set or a late-night karaoke session, had the support and infrastructure needed to shine. 

Load-In Procedure: Crane Operations and Human Ingenuity 

The load-in procedure for this event was a feat of both engineering and manpower. Each piece of equipment was precisely and carefully hoisted onto the cruise ship’s 14th deck. From the Custom Performance Roof System to the smallest barricade, every component was positioned with precision to maximize efficiency and safety. 

What truly set this load-in procedure apart from other events was the human element. Unlike events on land where heavy machinery can be readily deployed, 70000 Tons of Metal required a hands-on approach. Our team of 24 MTN crew members and 40 volunteers worked at full throttle to ensure that everything was ready to go before festivalgoers boarded. 

The Unique Challenges of a Floating Festival 

Staging an event of this magnitude at sea presents a host of unique challenges. From navigating unpredictable weather conditions to adapting to the limited space and resources onboard, every aspect of the production required careful planning and improvisation.  

This year’s unforgettable voyage completes another chapter in our ongoing mission to push the boundaries of live event production and to deliver experiences that leave a lasting impact. 

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights as we continue to raise the bar for live entertainment, both on land and at sea. 

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