[STAGING SPOTLIGHT] Sitewide protection with 3 barricade products

Having planned security and safety systems at every event is crucial. Barricade products can help you to maintain control of your crowd, and there are many ways to utilize the different types of barricade to maximize your investment in event safety. Let’s take a look at 3 barricade products that while all having unique applications, provide peace of mind to event coordinators as well as patrons.

Freestanding Barricade – Crowd Control

Crowd control barricade is a freestanding barricade product that is designed to keep your audience contained without interfering with their experience. Made out of lightweight, yet extremely durable aluminum, crowd control barricade stands up to years of use.

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Softgood Size Chart – Mobile Stage Fleet

Prepare your softgood designs with the help of this infographic below! Each mobile stage in our fleet is capable of supporting custom printed scrims, and it could be a burden to keep track of the right dimensions for your exact stage. We’ve developed this size chart for our specific mobile stages, so that you can plan your artwork accordingly and maximize your design. Click on the image to view at full size.


Mobile Stage Softgood Sizes

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