April 16, 2014 mountainproductions

[STAGING SPOTLIGHT] Sitewide protection with 3 barricade products

Having planned security and safety systems at every event is crucial. Barricade products can help you to maintain control of your crowd, and there are many ways to utilize the different types of barricade to maximize your investment in event safety. Let’s take a look at 3 barricade products that while all having unique applications, provide peace of mind to event coordinators as well as patrons.

Freestanding Barricade – Crowd Control

Crowd control barricade is a freestanding barricade product that is designed to keep your audience contained without interfering with their experience. Made out of lightweight, yet extremely durable aluminum, crowd control barricade stands up to years of use.

Typically, crowd control barricade is used as a boundary between your front row and your performers. The aluminum barricade mesh is acoustically transparent, so your crowd can enjoy the event without intrusion.

Our crowd control barricade stands at 3′ 11″ at a width of 3′ 6″. This lightweight product only weighs 83 lbs, and can be set up with minimal effort.

Along with standard straight pieces, curved sections, gates and corner pieces are available—this barricade can be arranged to fit your specific needs, not vice versa.

Organized Boundaries and Queues — Bike Rack Barricade

Bike rack barricade is a perfect solution to mark off boundaries at your event and easily filter audience in an organized way. This product is constructed of rigid galvanized steel tubing that is strong and durable, yet manageable and lightweight.

Our bike rack barricade stands at 3′ 4″ and consists of 8′ wide interlocking pieces. Weighing in at 59 lbs, this is another reliable product that is easy to set up without breaking your back.

Standard bike rack pieces feature feet that swivel, allowing for easy storage in our bike rack carts, making not only set up easy, but the transportation as well.

Site Protection — Perimeter Fencing

Some events require barricade that surrounds the perimeter of its job site, whether containing or preventing patrons from entering/exiting. If this is a priority at your event, perimeter fencing is a great way to protect your entire job site.

Our fence system is made up of 8′ 6″ high interlocking steel panels. Each panel is able to be set up either straight or angled to accommodate site areas that aren’t exactly square. Heavy-duty entrance gates are available as well.

Each of these barricade products is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. When planning your event, keep in mind what type of security you will need and don’t compromise your plan with unreliable equipment or services.


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