Intimate Events of the Summer: Staging for Events of All Sizes

While we may get more attention from the work we do with major music festivals, Mountain Productions is North America’s leading staging company for events of all sizes.

In the past several weeks, our dedicated staging crews helped to set up for all kinds of events, including a Zucchini Festival, Hot Air Balloon Festival, and State Fairs, among plenty of other unique and exciting events. Read more

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Iconic “Manny’s Music” Set to be Demolished

Mountain Productions began to build their reputation as one of North America’s leading event production companies in 1981 after producing a legendary benefit concert for Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park. Just a few blocks away, Manny’s Music was where Paul Simon, himself, bought his first guitar at the age of twelve.

Located just outside the theater district, a landmark that once served as the heart of Manhattan’s music scene, Manny’s Music, is now set to be demolished. Read more

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Garage-Grown: PMI’s Climb to Success

A few friends, a love of caves and a small garage in Georgia has grown to become one of the most dependable and well-respected rope and rope access brands in the country – Pigeon Mountain Industries.

PMI’s CEO, Loui McCurley, recently sat down with Business Leaders Broadcast and host Bob Roark to discuss the company’s foundation and their continued commitment to high-quality and life-saving products more than 40 years later.   Read more

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Rock Royalty and their Celebrity Side Hustles

With millions of fans and billions of dollars, you may think that’d be enough to keep the music industry’s biggest icons satisfied. More and more often, though, musicians take to side hustles either to give a little back or to reach a new level of success and fulfillment.

From building restaurants and hotels to managing entire venues and producing events, the odd job outside of stardom can come from anywhere and seemingly encapsulate a wide range of other passions. Read more

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[EVENT RECAP] Lollapalooza 2017 Took Chicago’s Grant Park by Storm

Photo Courtesy of Roger Ho / Lollapalooza 2017

Lollapalooza (n.): 1. an extraordinary or unusual thing, person or event; an exceptional example or instance; 2. A large lollipop

Celebrating its 26th year of existence, Lollapalooza lived up to its name as the extraordinary, exceptional festival that brings in tens of thousands of the world’s most energetic and eclectic fans.  The 2017 festival took over Chicago’s Grant Park from August 3rd through August 6th. As in previous years, the Mountain Productions crew was on site building the stages and structures that envied the Chicago skyline, itself. Read more

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[FEATURED PRODUCTS] Bold Designs with All-Day Comfort – MTN Apparel, Now Available on

In every corner of the world, at every event, we’re always asked one simple question: “Where are the t-shirts?” Well, you asked and now we delivered!

Get ready for the freshest designs and styles of MTN Apparel, now available at You can look like a badass and be comfortable doing it with our crew-approved line of t-shirts and hats. You can also get your hands on our favorite gear bags that feature the Mountain Productions logo all at our Online Rigging Shop. Read more

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