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Lost Lands 2023 – Our Biggest Year Yet!

When it comes to monumental music festivals, Lost Lands stands among the titans. Hosted annually in Legend Valley, Ohio, this bass-heavy extravaganza takes electronic music to epic proportions. Our crew are no strangers to Lost Lands, having provided various staging systems for the festival throughout the years. However, for this year’s event, the scale of our rigging setup was off the charts!

Continue reading for a full breakdown of our staging and rigging set up for Lost Lands 2023.

Main Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival 2023

Stage 1: Prehistoric Stage

Our dino-mite MTN HD+ main stage, with a colossal width of 340 feet and rigging plot weight of approximately 220,000 lbs, was impossible to ignore at Legend Valley. What truly set this stage apart from previous years was our decision to double the truss on the audience-facing side. This adjustment was crucial to ensuring optimal audience visibility amidst the massive video and scenic elements. The visual highlights of this stage were the enormous triangle video screens and the captivating pterodactyl designs, unique shapes that proved to be a significant creative challenge for our team. Yet, with our expertise and engineering finesse, we navigated this challenge with remarkable skill.

Prehistoric Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival 2023

Stage 2: Wompy Woods

This year’s newly designed Wompy Woods stage was a monolithic wonder. Stretching 280 feet in width and standing an impressive 60 feet tall, this stage was truly mammoth in size. Supported by an astounding 70 beams for video screens, it held a weight of roughly 120,000 pounds in rigging. Although the scaffold design appeared simplistic, the complexity lay in the massive number of steel pieces involved. Transporting, sorting, and organizing these tens of thousands of components was a logistical feat, underscoring the dedication and precision of our highly skilled crew.

Wompy Woods Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival 2023

Custom Fabricated Pedestrian Bridge

One of the most innovative and vital additions to Lost Lands 2023 was the introduction of a custom-fabricated pedestrian bridge, engineered and constructed entirely by our team. This bridge was purpose-built to ensure the safe crossing of thousands of festival attendees over a major roadway which saw crossing times reduced from hours to mere minutes. Spanning approximately 220 feet in length and crossing a 2-lane, 45 mph road that could see up to 20,000 cars daily, this project was no small feat. A crucial design element of this bridge was its ability to withstand harsh conditions, and winds of up to 115 mph. With a load capacity of 150 pounds per square foot (psf), well above the ODOT’s requirement of 90 psf, the bridge had a span of 75 feet across the road and an impressive 19 feet of vertical clearance.

Weighing in at a substantial 26 tons, the bridge was assembled without causing significant road closures, demonstrating the exceptional planning and execution by our team. To further underscore our commitment to safety and quality, the bridge was listed as a permanent structure in ODOT’s bridge database during the event, and ODOT inspectors were on-site during the four-hour overnight road closure for its placement.

Stages 3 – 6: Forest Stage, Subsidia Stage, Raptor Alley, Artifact Stage 

Stages 3 to 6 featured scaffold designs that, despite sharing the same equipment type, managed to offer a diverse range of experiences. The Forest and Subsidia Stages spanned about 100 feet in width, while Raptor Alley and the Artifact Stage were approximately 50 feet wide. This flexibility allowed for a unique visual experience at each stage, enriching the festival’s atmosphere and maintaining a sense of novelty for the attendees. 

Forest Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival
Stage 3: Forest Stage

Subsidia Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival
Stage 4: Subsidia Stage

Raptor Alley Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival
Stage 5: Raptor Alley

Artefact Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival
Stage 6: Artifact Stage

Stages 7-8: Additional Stages

The festival’s seventh and eighth stages were constructed from our SL-250 flip stages, contributing to a remarkable milestone, our highest number of stages ever provided at Lost Lands!

In 2023, Mountain Productions did more than provide staging and rigging for Lost Lands; we crafted an experience of epic proportions, shaping the landscape of this legendary festival. With unwavering dedication and technical prowess, we demonstrated our readiness to tackle monumental challenges, making the impossible a reality. Lost Lands 2023 will be remembered as a testament to our ingenuity and skill in pushing the boundaries of event production.

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