April 23, 2015 mountainproductions

Pioneering Total Height Safety – The Limpet® System

We’re always excited to share new tips, techniques, and products that further our industry’s level of safety. We strive to raise the bar on safety precautions and training to ensure that all of our jobs are conducted in a safe manner, especially since most of our jobs demand our crew to work at heights requiring fall protection. There’s a lot to think about when your head’s above the clouds, but wondering if you are properly secured in the event of an accident shouldn’t be running through your mind. Peace of mind starts with a quality, dependable height safety system.

Limpet Safety System

Mountain Productions is proud to announce that we are a distributor of the world’s first entertainment specific multi-functional height safety system: the Limpet®.
Award winning features, flexible configuration, and an operational life in excess of 25 years make the Limpet one of the best height safety systems available.

Easy installation, no matter how complex the staging arrangement

The Limpet can easily install onto a frame or truss in practically any orientation, and its safety line can be diverted through multiple pulleys if necessary. With 427′ of safety line, the Limpet can access any and all areas on your job site.

Safety and access features second to none

90% Climb Assist means that almost all exertion is removed from a climb, making working at heights more comfortable to reach. Users are weighed as soon as they clip into the safety line, and the Limpet does the rest by applying a pull equal to 90% of their weight.

Constant tensions on the safety line prevents falls from developing, stopping them and locking the line within half an inch. The Limpet can hoist up to 308 lbs at 1.6 ft/sec and can lower two people (up to 616 lbs) for emergency descent. In a crisis, every second counts, and the Limpet offers speedy action and recovery.

From inside to out, the Limpet system has been engineered for safety. With a working life in excess of 25 years and very high safety factors for load bearing parts (minimum 15x max user weight), the Limpet is a product you can depend your life on.

Don’t cut corners on safety, check out our full offering of quality fall protection products here.

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