January 27, 2022 mountainproductions

Event Recap: Mountain Productions Returns to Rolling Loud Miami

Rolling Loud Main Stage – MTN HD+ System

Our MTN HD+ system and MTN Ultra Roof provided the set up for the music festival’s main stage action. In its entirety, the main performance area spanned a distance of 80’ (24.4m) long x 48’ (14.6m) deep with a 20’ (6m) cantilever supported on 4 towers as well as a downstage that spanned 262’ (79.9m). With the sheer massive span of the downstage, harsh sightlines were drastically reduced, leaving every attendee in the Hard Rock Stadium with a good view of the performances from acts such as Asap Rocky, Post Malone and Kodak Black.

Rolling Loud Stage Set-Up

Fun Fact: From stage base to roof trim height, the entire structure measured 69’ 11.5’’ (21m) (just under 70’). 

Customized to the Max

Per our client’s specifications, the stage was customized to include an extended upstage length in order to accommodate huge LED screens and massive sound installations. As a result, the main performance area featured a whopping total of 6 additional video wings (3 per side). Each extension off the main stage served an important purpose from visual screen supports to flying line array (sound), and, of course, on stage, stage left and stage right VIP. 

Rolling Loud Main Stage (2)

With over 4,500’ (1371.6m) of decking used and sitting 8’ (2.4m) off the ground, the sheer scale of this stage made it a truly unique build. For more information on our MTN HD+ system visit: https://www.mountainproductions.com/staging/main-stage-systems/mtn-hd-plus

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