June 5, 2017 mountainproductions

Venue Installation Focus on Automated Systems: Intelligent Hoist Control & CM D8+ Lodestars

The increasing popularity of automated installation systems in venues such as stadiums and arenas is being seen all across the country. More so than ever, venues are taking their time to invest in systems that give them the most flexibility when it comes to positioning and placement, and solutions that reduce their labor costs over time. Intelligent controlled systems combining hoist control and electric chain hoists have revolutionized the way venue managers think about their event schedule.

Our venue installation team is working with a number of professional sports teams that are implanting smart hoist control systems in their arenas. The Mountain install crew is excited to work with the Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Redwings to improve their rigging setup and bring the most innovative and intelligent control systems to their venues.

So, what’s all the hype about?

Let’s talk a little bit about the different components and discuss why big-time venues are turning toward automated systems.

What is Intelligent Hoist Control?

The best way to control components such as speakers, scoreboards, LED panels, and video walls in a venue is with an intelligent hoist control system. These systems allow your permanently installed electric chain hoists to be set with pre-programmed positions the operator can determine for various scenarios. This is especially beneficial for arenas and stadiums due to the variety of events that they hold (sports events, conferences, concerts, etc.). Each event most likely calls for unique speaker positioning.

The capability to program multiple presets gives venues the ultimate flexibility to change their audio and video configurations per event. There are a variety of intelligent hoist control systems available on the market, each with their own unique features. One option is the Soft Limit System developed by Motion Laboratories. This system delivers the hoist control functions for automated and preset positioning with the addition of a touch screen control interface, integration with Load*Cells for real-time load monitoring, emergency stop function, and much more.

Lodestar D8+ Electric Chain Hoists

Columbus McKinnon’s Lodestar D8+ electric chain hoist is the perfect accompanying hoist to use with an intelligent hoist control system. The D8+ has a second brake and a clutch that is outside the load path which acts as a precise overload device. The addition of the double brake gives the D8+ an impressive 10:1 safety ratio—a rating that venue managers love to see. Another appealing feature of the Lodestar D8+ is that it does not require wire rope safety redundancies. CM’s reputation is unmatched, and their quality manufacturing and close attention to detail makes their products widely used all across the world.

The system that pays for itself

Beyond the versatility aspect and positioning abilities of automated systems, these installations will save you money by reducing the labor burden required for your events. Because these systems can control and re-position chain hoists and your audio/video components at the push of a button, this eliminates the need for rigging performed by crews before each different show. This also reduces the time needed to setup and transition between your booked events.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your venue rigging to a smart automated hoist system, give us a call at 570 826 5566. The installation team at Mountain Productions is ready to help you find the perfect way to utilize this technology and reduce the amount of money you spend on unnecessary labor.

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