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[PRODUCT LAUNCH] New KASK Safety Helmets, Visors, Hearing Protection, & Accessories Now Available on ShopMTN.com

You may work like a superhero in the field, but it doesn’t mean you’re made of steel.

Get some safety assistance from one of the world’s innovators in safety helmet design and technology, KASK. The Italian company knows more than just a thing or two about keeping you safe and has revolutionized head protection by combining perfectly ergonomic comfort with strength that meets the strictest standards. Add on some industry-first features and you’ve got yourself a helmet you can trust when you’ve got your head in the clouds (literally!).

Our team knows the importance of reliable safety gear. We’ve worked hard to bring you more of KASK’s safety line including the Zenith style Class E rated helmets, KASK’s family of hearing protection ear muffs, and a variety of visors and full-facial shields. You’ll also find all the accessories, adaptors, and add-ons you need to upgrade your KASK helmet.

Comfort with a Class E Rating

Just because you need to wear it all day doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable. If you’re tired of repositioning and fidgeting with your uncomfortable and dated hard hat, KASK’s Zenith Helmets (Zenith, Zenith Hi Viz, and Zenith Combo) will change your outlook on what head protection is all about. The Zenith line brings all of KASK’s durability and comfort standards to the table along with a Class E rating for electrical requirements.

The Zenith Helmet is available in three styles: Combo Kit, Hi Viz, and Standard

Class E helmets are designed to reduce exposure to high voltage conductors and provide head protection up to 20,000 volts (phase to ground). The KASK Zenith confidently defends you from these electrical hazards and is so comfortable you might even forget you’re wearing it thanks to a fine-tune adjustment system, eco-leather chinstrap, and Fast3Dry quick drying fabric.

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Accessorize and stay safe in style

So, you’ve got your new KASK safety helmet, but you still need to get some hearing and eye protection. We’ve got you covered yet again with easy-to-integrate sound-deafening earmuffs and protective facial visors. KASK’s helmets are fitted with the ability to add on a variety of accessories. Three levels of hearing protection are provided with KASK’s SC Ear Muffs—from general industrial settings with low to medium noise level all the way up to extremely loud environments such as airports, raceways, and more.

KASK has a wide variety of accessories to complete a full safety solution

Closing the circle on a comprehensive safety solution are KASK visors. There are options for eye protection visors as well as full facial shields for a variety of workers’ needs—not to mention they are available in transparent, mirror, and smoke finishes. No matter what your style is, there’s a KASK visor for you.

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Our teams from MTN SHOP (North America) and MTN SHOP (Europe) have worked hard to bring the power of KASK to our e-commerce shop. Join the countless people who have upgraded their safety gear and work with confidence and comfort thanks to KASK helmets. Let us know what you think about your new KASK gear on one of our social platforms.

Although you’re not made of steel, these helmets will protect you like you were.

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