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6 Blogs You Should Be Following

With the industry’s top experts and organizations spread across the world, an active blog can be a great way to stay on top of expert opinions, innovations, big projects and the resources you might need to reach your full potential. Here are six of our favorites to follow for all things event production. Please comment and share with us the blogs and publications that you count on.

Columbus McKinnon’s CMCO LIVE

Columbus McKinnon’s blog is updated regularly with all of the latest insights on the maintenance and safety of chain hoists, overhead cranes, and rigging equipment. Their information is backed by the industry’s premier chain hoist manufacturer and experts from across a number of industries and capacities. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, as well, for the most up-to-date and expansive coverage every day!

Visit CMCO Live


Lennd’s Event Professionals Blog

Lennd is a software developer for event production management, but their blog covers topics across all avenues of the live entertainment and event production circuits. Their platform provides recaps for many of the largest festivals across the globe and features key players in all sorts of capacities to share their experience.

Visit Lennd’s Event Professionals Blog


Event Safety Alliance’s ESA Blog and Event Safety Insights

The Event Safety Alliance keeps the masses informed on the latest safety regulations, ways to eliminate unsafe behavior and safety-related conditions throughout the event production industry. Their recently debuted magazine, Event Safety Insights, provides an even more extensive look at the latest news on workplace safety.

Visit ESA’s Blog Visit Event Safety Insights


Occupational Health & Safety’s OHS Online

Occupational Health & Safety’s OHS Online blog portal provides expert opinions and commentary regarding all aspects of workplace safety and regulations. This blog provides insight into all of the newest regulations and policies that can have an effect on your operations and presents the findings in a way that allows for easy application.

Visit OHS Online


Pollstar’s ConcertWire

Of course, we can’t forget what it is we love so much about this industry. The elite team behind the industry’s top directories also serve as a great resource for entertainment news, including information about tours and festivals, past, present and future.

Visit Pollstar’s ConcertWire


IATSE’s News Blog

IATSE, or the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, is the union responsible for many of the advancements throughout the production industry and continues to serve as a premier thought-leader and organizer for positive change on every level. Their news site is a resource for many members of our team and hundreds of members throughout the country in Canada. Check out their page for current initiatives, the biggest news in entertainment and a look back at their historic past.

Visit IATSE’s News Blog

Be sure to subscribe to our very own blog, as we’ll continue to share all of the major industry news, updates on our own projects, products, and designs, and insight from experts across all production disciplines and backgrounds. Let us know what you think of our list and what blogs you might add by visiting us on Facebook!

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