September 20, 2016 mountainproductions

Know Your Audience: An Infographic on Festival Fanatics

Diehard festival goers are a unique demographic comprised of everyone from old-school music devotees all the way to fist-bumping millennials. Take one walk around a festival like Lollapalooza and you’ll see a wide range of faces, each with their own unique personalities, interests and characteristics. As entertainment professionals, it’s our job to understand this audience and how to cater to them, and only them—after all, it’s their loyalty that keeps us in business.

Thankfully, we live in the age of big data. This data is complex, with millions of data points provided, making it challenging to connect the dots and make vital decisions. If managed correctly, however, the reward is success, sold out crowds and the opportunity to host our events for yet another year.

Fans love music festivals and the industry has grown to immense popularity because of these fans. We owe it to them to create events that truly deliver memorable and, sometimes, life-changing experiences.

Using data collected by Nielsen from their 2015 “Music 360 Report”, we’ve assembled this infographic with key highlights describing the energetic, festival-going crowds across America. This is only the tip of the iceberg, providing a quick, easy-to-digest glance into the world of music festivals. We encourage you to do your homework and conduct further research to learn about the audiences that keep entertainment alive. For now, take a look at what we found:


Statistics courtesy of The Nielsen Company Nielsen Music 360 Report (2015)

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