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Meet the Mountain: Decades of Experience and a Lifetime of Stories—Ronald Wilkinson

One of Mountain Productions’ most loyal and experienced team members knows the value of longevity. On June 13, 1984, Ronald “Wilky” Wilkinson was offered a two week job by Steve Thomas that sparked a lifelong career.

This “two week” stint ended up occupying Wilky’s time until Thanksgiving and, in February of 1985, he was invited to the first ever CM Hoist School hosted by Mountain Productions. It was then that he was offered and accepted a full-time position within the growing company.

“The rest is history,” reminisced Wilkinson. “I joined the Mountain team in 1984, serving as a truck driver and scaffold builder, and have been here ever since.”

Ronald "Wilky" Wilkinson from 1991 at Stafford University

Ronald “Wilky” Wilkinson from 1991 at Stafford University


The long road ahead

Wilkinson has seen the entertainment industry grow to unimaginable heights and has seen Mountain Productions rise up to surpass expectations along every step of the way.

“I’ve been a part of Mountain’s growth for a long time,” said Wilky. “The company has evolved from gigantic scaffolding towers, holding huge stacks of speakers, to expertly engineered tower systems that support the demands of today’s high-tech sound, lighting and video systems.”


Wilky has worked with Mountain for decades on its largest projects (Left – 1993 Clinton Presidential Inaugural Event; Right – 1988 Staging for George Michaels)

Wilky’s time with the company has given him a rare glimpse into the “dark ages” of entertainment production that only long-time veterans share. Having been in the industry since Mountain’s infancy, he remembers back on a time when safety wasn’t always the number one priority.

Mountain carried a rare and refreshing outlook on the importance of safety protocol that resonated with our current Director of Staging Operations. Wilky remained at Mountain Productions because he knew the challenges the industry faced, and saw the determination of the Mountain team to become the leader of a safer and more effective entertainment industry.

Over time, qualified engineering, safety protocols, reinforced equipment and fabrication processes became mandated throughout the industry. The fact that Mountain Productions was at the forefront of these advancements creates a tremendous sense of pride within Wilky.


2000 – Tower System for Andrea Bocelli


A mountain of innovation

Nearly forty years later, Wilky remains loyal to his team at Mountain Productions. He finds that, as the industry evolves, new challenges arise, but can’t imagine there being a team with more experience and with more fortitude willing to meet those challenges.

“My coworkers have proven themselves,” said Wilkinson. “With every project, they deliver a sense of quality and integrity that demands my respect, and has earned the respect of our clients, throughout many years of dedicated service.”

While Wilky has worked in a number of capacities within the Mountain Productions family, he finds himself deeply engaged in his current position. As the Director of Staging Operations for Mountain Productions, Wilky looks toward his experience to help deliver a world-class experience to our clients.

“I coordinate the daily interaction between the Sales Department, Engineering, Clients, Warehouse and Road Staff and make sure that everything and everybody are where they’re supposed to be to get the job done,” he explained. “I use my 41 years of experience to help facilitate the design, sales and engineering of the cutting edge, industry-leading services and products we provide.”


Wilky and the Mountain crew working on the Bloomsburg Fair’s permanent installation stage system


Leading the industry into the future of event production

Wilky’s extensive history with production allows him to tackle all of these tasks more efficiently than most teams can. While he knows the value and advantage of longevity, Wilky also keeps his eyes open for the up-and-coming prospects that will take entertainment production into the upcoming years and beyond.

“We are always on the lookout for promising talent from local crews at the various venues we serve,” he explained, remembering his own hiring experience.

Wilkinson finds the passion of his coworkers contribute to the long-term success of Mountain Productions and help to strengthen our reputation as North America’s leader in staging, rigging, and installations.


Wilky was a lead supervisor, coordinating the construction of two Mountain Truss Systems for the NFL Draft Selection Square’s enormous system

“Pride, hard work, dedication and innovation,” started Wilky. “That is the culture of Mountain Productions. We are constantly improving and expanding the products and services we offer, and our venture into international markets opens a whole new spectrum of opportunities.”

The term “MTNStrong” holds special meaning to Wilky, who witnessed its power long before the hashtag craze.

#MTNStrong represents all of the dedicated employees of past and present who have made Mountain Productions into what it is today!”

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