August 26, 2016 mountainproductions

4 Special CM Hoist School Promotions – Get the most out of your training!

We’re excited to offer a handful of great promotions accompanying our CM Hoist School—we want everyone to have access to the training and resources that will help them succeed. Here are the exclusive, bonus benefits of coming to our CM Hoist School:

Special Discount Pricing for USITT Members

$1,200.00 –> $1,000.00

  • This is our biggest discount ever for our CM Hoist School, and we’re happy to extend this to verified members of USITT. Sometimes quality training seminars can break the bank—save money today on world-class training at the CM Hoist School with this offer!

    Simply give us a call at 570 826 5566, verify your membership, and we will give you a promo code for your discount!

Special Discount Pricing for IATSE Members

$1,200.00 –> $1,100.00

  • Here’s a promotional value for all of our friends in the IATSE—without your support and hard work each year, our jobs would be a lot harder! Take $100.00 off of your tuition price if you are a verified member of the IATSE. Give us a call at 570 826 5566 to receive your promotional discount.


FREE Access to CM’s Online Lodestar Maintenance Training with every registration ($95.00 value)

  • The CM Online Lodestar Maintenance Training is the perfect predecessor to the CM Hoist School, and all of our attendees will receive a FREE license to this online training. We encourage our students to complete this course prior to attending Hoist School, as it provides a solid base understanding of the concepts and techniques taught at our training. Upon registration, we will send you the license key for your free access!


FREE 10% Discount Coupon to Mountain Productions Rigging Shop with every registration

  • In an effort to streamline registration, we completely digitized the registration process, and applicants can reserve their spot at the CM Hoist School right from Mountain Productions Rigging Shop, the one stop shop for online rigging sales. With every registration, we will send you a complimentary 10% Discount Coupon to our online Rigging Shop eligible on your next order!


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