August 3, 2016 mountainproductions

[VIDEO] Venue Installation Spotlight: Mountain Productions’ Sub-Grid

We’re excited to present an informative and visual look at the components of a venue installation sub-grid. This new video breaks down the different parts of Mountain Productions’ Sub-Grid, including the symmetrical load bays, trussing, rig points, and fall protection. Head over to our Venue Installation webpage and watch the video today!


Click Here to watch our Venue Installation Spotlight: Sub-Grid Video

While you’re at our website, take a look at the different types of venues that these installations cater towards, and also the variety of services we provide in the venue installation market including:

  • Automated Systems with chain hoists and smart motor control
  • Reduction Systems
  • Fall Protection and Safety assessment and installation
  • Trussing and Sub-Grids
  • Engineering and Fabrication


Full Service Installation Department

Our venue installation department is dedicated to saving you money. The systems we have designed are created with efficiency, labor reduction, and revenue growth in mind, and any type of venue can find the right application that will fit their needs. Learn more about Mountain Productions’ Venue Installation services by clicking here.

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