July 26, 2016 mountainproductions

Lejan Announced as MTN BOX® Dealer Representative in Netherlands

MTN BOX® partners with Lejan

Global Expansion for the MTN BOX® Brand

MTN BOX® is excited to partner with Lejan, an experienced provider of flight cases, bags, and transport cases with 80 years of high quality service. Lejan will be the MTN BOX® dealer representative in the Netherlands, making the MTN BOX® product line easily available to European users.

Lejan is a company backed by three generations of experience creating and manufacturing custom packing solutions. They are a full service provider, starting with research and development and following through the entire manufacturing process.

Lejan is a continuously growing company that combines innovation and evolution with classic craftsmanship, customer service, and product quality.

The MTN BOX® Product Line is now available from Lejan

With the recent introduction of the MTN BOX®: Spektrum SM road case to the market, our partnership with Lejan is a great opportunity for European customers to have access to this durable road case. The MTN BOX®: Spekstrum SM road case has been designed to fit a variety of truck packs, including smaller truck widths typically encountered in Europe. The same features that have made the original MTN BOX® popular amongst the industry are still available in the Spektrum SM case, along with the new size catering toward international use.

Visit www.lejan.nl for more information on Lejan, and www.mtnbox.com for the MTN BOX® road case line. As the MTN BOX® brand continues to expand globally, we will have additional updates on dealer locations and product news posted on our website and blog. Follow MTN BOX® on Facebook and Twitter to receive the most current news, and follow our blog for a comprehensive hub of all things production.

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