June 30, 2016 mountainproductions

[FEATURED PRODUCTS] Accessorize in minutes with our 3 new Product Bundles


Drop Prevention Package

Fall protection is a must, but don’t neglect stocking up on drop prevention items as well. Python Safety’s drop prevention products include tethers, holsters and wristbands that keep your tools and loose items safe from accidental drops at height. Our Drop Prevention Package includes the Hammer Holster (includes Hook2Quick Ring Coil Tether), Adjustable Radio Holster, and Slim Pullaway Wristband (available in SM, MED, and LG). Be a safety role model on site with these 3 reliable products that keep you, and those below you, safe.


Latthammer Package

The Estwing Latthammer is a hard-to-find tool that we’re proud to stock on our Rigging Shop. The German style Latthammer design is ideal for scaffold builders with its unique single-claw head. The new Latthammer Package includes the Estwing Latthammer with nylon vinyl shock-absorbing grip, Python Safety Hammer Holster (with Hook2Quick Ring Coil Tether), and a D-Ring Attachment and Quick Wrap Tape for tethering. The Hammer Holster is a popular item on our shop and amongst production workers, as it keeps your hammer close at hand while preventing it from being dropped at height with the help of the D-Ring and Quick Wrap Tape.


Petzl Helmet Package

One of the most helpful features of Petzl’s VERTEX Vent helmet is its ability to accessorize. The VERTEX Vent has built in clips and areas where accessories such as headlamps, visors, and earmuffs can be added on. The Petzl Helmet Package sheds light in the darkest areas of rigging, and includes the VERTEX Vent (in any color you choose), PIXADAPT headlamp adapter, and PIXA 2 headlamp. The PIXA 2 headlamp provides up to 80 lumens of brightness and can be mounted directly to the VERTEX Vent without using the elastic headband by using the PIXADAPT headlamp adapter.

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