June 28, 2016 mountainproductions

[FEATURED PRODUCTS] Mountain Productions’ Cables and Connectors

Mountain Productions proudly manufactures feeder and fly cables in-house using only the highest quality components. We’ve been assembling cables domestically for years in our electric and cable shop, and are fully capable of custom orders beyond the standard inventory of connectors we carry.


Feeder Cables

These cables supply power from your power source to your hoist control units, and we can cut any length of cable you may need to power up your system. Our standard lengths are 10’, 25’, 50’, 75’, 100’, 150’ and 200’ and we provide the options for a bare tail or CAM connection.

The two styles of feeder cables that are easily ordered at our online shop are a 6/4 CS Feeder Cable and an 8/5 L21-30 Feeder Cable—both popular in the entertainment industry.

Our 6/4 CS Feeder uses a Hubbell Connector and Plug. The assembly ampacity of this cable is 45 amps. The 8/5 L21-30 Feeder also uses a Hubbell brand connector and plug, and provides 28 amps of power. Next week we’ll be posting a helpful printable chart showing the different amperage requirements for each model Lodestar—make sure to visit back for this printout!


Fly Cables

Chain hoists are powered by fly cables that provide power and control from the hoist control station to each hoist. Like our feeder cables, our shop can manufacture a variety of lengths and connectors. The standard fly cable connectors we offer online are P-14, C7, and Dual-Twist.

The P-14 motor cable is a 16 gauge/7 conductor cable with a J-Tech brand P-14 connector. This multi-pin connector provides power and control and produces 13 amps. The C7 (also referred to as Socapex) motor cable is also a 16 gauge/7 conductor cable with a Ceep connector. The aluminum alloy shell is coated with a hard, non-conductive black anodized coating. This cable provides 13 amps of power and control.


Finally, we manufacture Dual-Twist motor cables in a 14/3 & 16/4 combination or a spliced 16/7 configuration. These connectors are made by Hubbell and feature their patented, easy-to-use Twist-Lock connection. The 16/7 Dual-Twist motor cable has an ampacity of 13 amps for three-phase units, and the 14/3 & 16/4 cable produces 18 amps of power for single-phase applications.

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