May 10, 2016 mountainproductions

[FEATURED PRODUCT] Dirty Rigger’s Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Gloves

Before the summer heat kicks in full force, be prepared onsite with a pair of breathable rigging gloves. Our featured product is Dirty Rigger’s Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Glove. Production calls require long hours and a lot of hands on labor, which can take its toll throughout the day. Dirty Rigger’s Venta-Cool Summer Rigger Gloves allow for hand cooling airflow via high ventilation materials on the backside of the glove. This results in heat being pulled away from the core, keeping your hands cool and ready to work. The Venta-Cool Summer Rigger Gloves provide roughly 80% more airflow than the other gloves in Dirty Rigger’s inventory.


These gloves are optimized for breathability, but still retain great durability on the palm and other key wear areas. A synthetic leather base pushes out sweat through micro perforations, and a second layer with double-stitched seams reinforces the glove to avoid rips, tears, and abrasions. Workers will love the combination of comfort and protection when working in the relentless summer heat.



Like many other Dirty Rigger glove styles, the Venta-Cool Summer Rigger Gloves have a writeable ID tag for easy identification. Dirty Rigger’s specially designed gloves cater directly toward entertainment riggers and production workers. Along with the Venta-Cool Summer Rigger Gloves, we stock a variety of styles, including the popular Comfort Fit, Fingerless, SRT High Grip, Glowman LED, and Slimfit gloves. Head on over to Mountain Productions Rigging Shop to see them all!


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