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Insight from the Experts [Q+A]: CM’s Newest Hoist – IP66 Rated Next-Gen Lodestar

CM’s research and development department has been busy as ever, listening to customer feedback and demands, and working on new products that truly change the way we work. As one of the leading providers of quality chain hoists in the entertainment industry, CM has created hoists that cater directly to our needs. Last April, the 2-Ton, Single Reeve Lodestar was launched, giving customers and economical hoist that is lighter and easier to rig and transport (among many other added features! Read our article on CM’s RRS Lodestar here).

Now, CM has created a product that, again, is the solution to entertainment’s unique demands. We spoke to CM product expert and Vertical Market Specialist, Ken Tilson, about the newest chain hoist from CM: the IP66 Rated Next-Gen Lodestar.


What is the latest product from your company to hit the market?

Ken: Our latest product to be launched into the market is the IP66 Rated Next-Gen Lodestar.

What are the key features of CM’s newest chain hoist?

Ken: The IP66 Rated Next-Gen Lodestar has undergone a weatherproof design upgrade that has been 3rd party tested and validated as an IP66 Rated product. Key featured changes to the hoist are as follows:

  1. Control and power cord entry has been shifted to the back frame
  2. High performance composite, water-tight connectors are used to seal the frame entry, as well as the area around the cords to prevent any water from entering the hoist through the cord area.
  3. A solid, continuous water-tight gasket now fits between the back frame and hoist cover
  4. O-rings have been added to the liftwheel bearing areas to prevent water that runs down the chain from entering the hoist. A drain hole in the suspension itself will allow this water to pass through and out of the suspension area

In addition to the weatherproof features, we also incorporated a few design upgrades to improve serviceability and reduce maintenance time on this hoist:

  1. The hoist now features a slip fit drive shaft that will allow the removal of this shaft without pressing out the bearing
  2. We have changed the cover screws to a socket head cap screw to make it easier to remove and/or replace the cover
  3. Lastly, we have simplified the wiring scheme inside the hoist. Terminal strips have been added to provide easy wiring when adding custom whips or replacing whips in the field. No wiring of the hoist needs to be disturbed or modified when adding these whips. Whether it’s a separate control and power using double Hubbells, or a combination power and control using a combo connector, the terminal strip allows for quick and easy connections.


What prompted the development of this product, and how long have you been working on it?

Ken: This project has taken approximately a year to develop, including 3rd party testing. CM wanted to develop a hoist that customers would have complete confidence in when using in outdoor applications.

What is the added value of the new product?

Ken: The added value is simple. A weatherproof hoist, IP66 rated and easy to inspect and service, reducing maintenance time. The wiring is simple and easily adaptable to customer specific cord configurations.

What type of industry feedback have you received so far on this product?

Ken: The feedback has been very positive. Customers are very excited to know we will be adding these design upgrades to the Classic Lodestar in the near future as well, and that these upgrades are also available now on the new 2-Ton Single Reeve Lodestar.

Is this product available on the market right now?

Ken: Yes

Big thanks to Ken Tilson and CM for providing this great product information straight from the source. We are a Master Distributor of Columbus McKinnon chain hoists and equipment, and have the ability to service, sell, and provide assistance on any CM hoist. Contact us today with your questions, comments, or concerns—we’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned to our blog for future product news and launches from Columbus McKinnon by subscribing (scroll down to our subscription sign up!)

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