September 3, 2015 mountainproductions

[FEATURED PRODUCT] Taking The Limpet® Height Safety System for a Test Climb

The Limpet® is a unique piece of technology that dubs itself the world’s first entertainment specific, multi-functional height safety system. It combines practical features that improve a worker’s experience when climbing, regarding efficiency and safety. These units have the ability to streamline climbing and can make jobs run smoother and faster (a definite PLUS on any jobsite). We work in an industry that demands hard work, consistent performance, and high attention to safety. The Limpet® delivers on each of these factors.

Mountain Productions’ resident fall protection and rigging specialist, Jeff Sivick, is trained on the proper installation and usage of The Limpet®, and has years of hands-on industry experience working as a job supervisor.

We were able to get some great photos of a recent demo Jeff performed with the Limpet onsite at Mountain Productions. Take a look at our breakdown of the latest innovation in total height safety: The Limpet®.

Limpet System

Starting at its base, the Limpet® is installed onto a stick of truss bolted to a concrete block ballast. Mountain Productions’ engineering team designed our own custom bracket for the Limpet® system, seen here. This bracket can be installed onto a 12”, 15”, or 20.5” truss (other sizes can be customized).

The Limpet System

After power has been connected and installation to the truss is complete, Jeff throws on his Exofit NEX harness along with other fall protection gear and gets ready to climb.

The Limpet System

Before climbing, Jeff activates the Limpet and tests the system to make sure that the line is taut. This tension protects workers from accidental slips, and can arrest falls instantly. Proper usage and understanding of the unit is critical, as any other safety equipment requires.

The Limpet System The Limpet System

The Limpet System features a reactive climb assist at 90% of the user’s weight. This totally removes any exertion from climbing and makes working at height efficient. Jeff demos the Limpet and begins to climb at ease, as seen here. A simple RF remote control puts the power of the Limpet in the worker’s hand. With this controller, Jeff can easily and precisely control the lifting and lowering functions of the Limpet.

The Limpet System

Climbers don’t have to worry about taking an accidental step or slip off of a scaffold ring. The Limpet has a high performance fall prevention system that immediately arrests any slips. This allows the worker to quickly regain their footing and safely continue their climb up or down.

The Limpet System

Jeff makes his way down the tower quickly and easily with the help of the Limpet. If you have a complex design where a straight vertical lift is not available, the Limpet’s safety line is capable of being routed through multiple pulleys to deploy a lift point to its designated location.

Fall Protection from Mountain Productions

For this demo, Jeff donned the proper fall protection required on an actual job. We stand behind the equipment we distribute, and use these quality products ourselves, starting with the strong and comfortable KASK Superplasma Helmet. We dare you to find a helmet that meets the level comfort and protection that KASK’s products deliver. The Exofit NEX Blackout Harness is one of the most innovative harnesses on the market with features that cater perfectly toward entertainment rigging professionals. No harness is complete without the necessary tether, and the Shockwave2 Shock Absorbing Lanyard Jeff is wearing provides a 100% tie-off and greatly reduces the forces exerted during an accidental fall. (Other configurations of the Shockwave2 Lanyard are available) Not visibly seen in this photo are the invaluable Suspension Trauma Safety Straps that could save your life in the event of a fall (Read our article about Suspension Trauma here)

Jeff and the Mountain Productions’ crew are highly experienced and trained. This training, coupled with the highest quality, reliable products is what makes any job run smoothly. Invest in the training to keep your workers competent and knowledgeable, and arm them with the right tools to get the job done. The Limpet is one of those invaluable products that truly increases productivity and efficiency on job sites.


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