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[STAGING SPOTLIGHT] Commencement Staging – Creating a Memorable Event for an Important Milestone

University of Pennsylvania

Over the years, we have worked with universities all over the country designing and building commencement stages that are unforgettable. Graduation season is right around the corner, and every college is gearing up for this year’s ceremony. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) projects that 1,855,000 students will graduate in 2015*. Students deserve a graduation ceremony that they will remember for years to come; after all, it is one of the most important milestones of their lives. We’re in the business of creating memorable experiences, and Mountain Productions is no stranger to staging graduations and commencements.

University of Massachusetts – Tower Staging, Custom Softgoods, Video Supports, Groundcover

University of Massachusetts


Last year, we helped over a dozen universities with their graduation ceremonies. For each institution, our staging team worked diligently to ensure a perfect stage was provided, considering school size, location, timing, etc. With safety always at the forefront, Mountain Productions was able to create complete systems and support structures tailor fit to each university.

Towson University – SAM 550 Mobile Stage

Towson University

Delaware State University – SL 250 Mobile Stage, Custom Printed Softgoods

Delaware State University

Mobile stages have always been popular choices among collegiate events for a few reasons. Our range of sizes represented in our mobile stage fleet allows schools to choose an appropriately sized stage without the need for a lot of customization. Our mobile stages are efficient and versatile, and can be setup and loaded out easily in a time sensitive environment. Also, mobile stages mean most (if not all) of your staging equipment is contained within 1 trailer. Along with mobile stages, Mountain has helped customize full scaffold and tower systems for large universities.

Rutgers University – Tower Staging, Custom Printed Softgoods, Groundcover

Rutgers University

In 2014, Mountain Productions worked with Rutgers University to provide a custom tower stage system for their 2014 graduation. The main stage, equipped with branded softgoods, was flanked by 2 smaller, supplementary stages. This setup worked well for the university’s size and set a memorable environment for the students’ big day.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

There’s more to commencement production than just the stage. Since many graduation events occur outdoors and sometimes on a university’s sports field, Terratrak ground cover is a must. Video supports for large screens are also very popular at collegiate events, and can be integrated into the stage itself or as freestanding video support towers. Custom printed softgoods complete the aesthetic with a branded look that fits seamlessly with your university’s colors and logo. From stage to support structures, Mountain has the experience and equipment to accommodate your commencement.

Take a look at our portfolio on our website to see some more of the universities we have worked with, along with collegiate concerts and events. Regardless the size or location, we have a Mountain Productions Staging System® that is perfect for your university.

* Source https://www.naceweb.org/press/faq.aspx
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