March 12, 2014 mountainproductions

A Refreshing Scaffold Seminar

Consistency (among many other things) helps maintain long, successful relationships. You know that you have a solid partner when you can count on them to deliver the results you expect, time after time again. One of the best ways to maintain consistently good performance and exceptional service is to practice. We’ve all heard it before: “Practice makes perfect.” And I’m sure we can all attest to the truth in this statement. Considering the dynamic nature of our industry’s codes and regulations, coupled with the precise and rugged work required, it’s crucial to freshen up and review the basics throughout the year.

Climbers assemble scaffolding for the Hercules roof system

Climbers assemble scaffolding for the Hercules roof system

Mountain Productions had 30 of its employees attend a scaffolding seminar to review their skills and revisit the work practices and protocols of building scaff. The seminar was held by 2 representatives from Etobicoke Ironworks.

Attendees were given an extensive manual consisting of all areas that were to be covered and tested on during the seminar. Hands on demonstrations and an informative class prepared Mountain’s attendees for the certification test. The test is certified by the SAIA for US regulations, codes and standards.

Mountain Productions' Scaffold seminar

Mountain Productions’ Scaffold seminar


By keeping our crews knowledgeable, we can expect a higher level of consistent performance at our jobs. Talk about a win-win situation! Our crews stay confident as leaders on a job site, and clients will praise about the quick and professional service that they receive—not to mention, this type of education is what keeps our crews safe on a job.

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