September 30, 2013 mountainproductions

[EVENT RECAP] Nocturnal Wonderland – Sunken Garden Stage

Insomniac Events has been a leader in the electronic dance festival experience, creating high-profile events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest, White Wonderland and more. Mountain Productions traveled to California to set up staging for two Insomniac events within 2 weekends: Nocturnal Wonderland at San Bernadino and Beyond Wonderland at the Shoreline Amphitheater.


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One of the stages that Mountain Productions’ engineered and built was the Sunken Garden stage at Nocturnal Wonderland. The roughly 80′ wide stage was flanked by two 56′ w sections of decking and scaffolding. Similar to the aesthetic of the Las Vegas EDC, there were many scenic flats adorning the scaffold walls and a nearly 43′ tall buddha owl featured as the central DJ platform of the stage. The flanking sides angled in to center stage and were fitted with black scrim. Like EDC at Vegas, Mountain supervisors utilized iPads to view the blueprints for construction. The advance in technology has allowed our drafting room to cut back on paper prints, saving 100s of feet of paper that would typically be used on multiple sets of drawings.

Sunken Garden stage at Nocturnal Wonderland

The Sunken Garden stage being built in CA


Photo from The Press-Enterprise


Click here for footage of the Sunken Garden stage at Nocturnal Wonderland! (Youtube) 


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