June 21, 2013 mountainproductions

[EVENT RECAP] Building a DJ “orb” in NYC

Yesterday, Samsung hosted an interactive concert featuring a unique DJ experience and live fireworks triggered by audience members. Using the Samsung Galaxy S 4, viewers were able to prompt fireworks to go off during the performance, making the event a fun and great way to promote their product. Mountain Productions engineered and built the staging equipment at the Up Next event.

The DJ "orb" built by Mountain Productions

The DJ “orb” built by Mountain Productions


Mountain provided various structures, such as barricade, a back wall, firework platforms and VIP platforms. The unique DJ enclosure was a custom built scaffold “orb”, lined with lighting on each piece of scaffold. The orb was a one-of-a-kind platform that was unconventional and eye-catching. The electronic dance scene continues to push the envelope on live staging, often turning to custom structures built for specific artists. Since video and lighting production are major elements of many DJs’ live performances, staging has, in turn, adapted to meet these needs. From enormous EDM festivals, such as Ultra Fest or the Electric Daisy Carnival, to 1 day events like Samsung’s Up Next show, staging has been more creative and unique than ever before.


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