May 30, 2013 mountainproductions

[EVENT RECAP] A closer look at the electronic dance “playground” – Electric Daisy Carnival

Described as an adventure-filled playground full of interactive art, carnival rides, theatrical performances and stunning stage production, the Electric Daisy Carnival was jam packed in New York City 2 weekends ago. The event is a full electronic music festival with an additional spin, hosting various off stage performances and rides for fans to engage in. EDC is a large scale tour, making stops at Chicago, London, Puerto Rico, Orlando and finally, Las Vegas.

Mountain Productions has been involved with the staging at EDC for multiple years, and have recently completed setup at the New York show. Stage designs have changed throughout the year, always innovating and adapting to new technology and themes for the event. This year, Mountain provided an array of equipment, including 4 stages and VIP risers with redesigned handrail.

The main stage (Stage 1) of EDC featured a SAM-550 mobile auto stage with flanking scaffold towers. Specially shaped video panels adorned the stage, displaying an impressive visual show along with the high energy music. (great show photos from Ask Media)

Mountain set up additional stages (Stages 2-4) at EDC as well. Stage 2 was another SAM mobile stage unit with scaffold towers. Stage 3 was a smaller scaffold stage, and Stage 4 was set up inside of a tent with video supports.

Along with the stages constructed at EDC, Mountain provided VIP risers, featuring our new handrail design. The handrail is made of galvanized steel and is OSHA and IBC compliant. Take a look:

The Electric Daisy Carnival is a dynamic event that features amazing production and stage builds. Mountain is always ready to collaborate and engineer any event, big or small. The popularity of electronic dance festivals has pushed stage design and engineering to a new level, and the finished results are truly sights to see.

Thanks to Adam Kaplan and Ask Media for sharing these show photos from EDC NY.


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