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[EVENT RECAP] Ultra Music Festival 2013

The electronic dance music scene is more popular than ever these days. The pulsating bass driven beats are often complimented live with impressive visual productions, including hundreds to thousands of lights, special effects and more. The staging for such events has become enormous in every way imaginable. One festival in particular is always pushing the limits on its artistic production. It has become one of North America’s largest electronic dance festivals, and it turns Miami into a head banging, body moving, “lose-your-voice” mania. It is the Ultra Music Festival.

Mountain Productions has been working with UMF for the past 4 years, and each year is more extravagant, intricate, and impressive than the previous. Take a look at the evolution of the UMF staging from 2010-2013:

2013 - Scaffold Staging

2010 – Scaffold Staging

2011 - Mountain Truss System

2011 – Mountain Truss System

2012 - Mountain Truss Staging

2012 – Mountain Truss System

2013 - Mountain Truss System

2013 – Mountain Truss System

Mountain Productions was busy over the past month setting up this year’s event, and more pictures of the variety of structures constructed can be found here in our 2013 UMF Facebook album. Some of the structures and equipment included:

The first weekend for the festival was this past Friday to Sunday, and UMF will pick back up this upcoming weekend (March 22nd – 24th).

Click here to check out video footage of Hardwell performing at UMF (video from Youtube, compliments of UMF.TV). The main stage is an enormous sight to see, and even more impressive in action. Some pictures of the show in action below:

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