March 7, 2013 mountainproductions

[PROJECT RECAP] A complete, custom motor package for the Sight and Sound Theatre

Mountain Productions, Columbus McKinnon and Motion Laboratories recently completed a full, permanent installation motor package at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster County, PA.

Sight and Sound Theatre

The Sight and Sound Theatre

The Sight and Sound Theatre is the largest faith-based theatre in America. Always striving to push the envelope with new technology and productions, the Sight and Sound Theatre remains an innovator in the theatrical industry. (Check out Sight and Sound’s website for more information about the theatre as well as their upcoming production, Noah)

Mountain Productions has partnered with Columbus McKinnon (CM) and Motion Laboratories to install a full motor package at the Sight and Sound Theatre. Using all domestic chain hoists provided by CM, Mountain Productions prepared and coordinated the package for ease of installation, while Motion Labs provided the electrics, controllers and programming. Sight and Sound continues its tradition of using the most state-of-the-art equipment in order to maintain the highest quality productions that the theatre is famous for. Mountain, CM and Motion Labs have all contributed valuable information and experience in order to provide the theatre with the most practical and top-of-the-line equipment.

CM provided their world famous chain hoists as part of the package. The CM name is renowned for high quality and durability, proving itself in theaters and venues all across the world. Sight and Sound acquired CM’s new model D8 chain hoists featuring a double brake on each hoist. They will be utilizing both the 1 ton (Model L) and 1/2 ton (Model F) D8 hoists at the theatre. The D8 is legendary in the industry, and CM has recently added several features to the hoist, further ensuring steady and reliable operation. Along with the D8, Prostar chain hoists were also installed. The Prostar is a lighter, quieter and more portable hoist that is designed for unique rigging applications in tight quarters. Combined, the D8 and Prostar offer versatility and the quality that CM is known for, allowing for a variety of rigging configurations at the theatre.

The motor control and load monitoring systems were supplied by Motion Laboratories, a cutting edge company known for their high quality power distribution and motor control systems. The state-of-the-art PLC touchscreen system will handle motor control and load monitoring at the theatre. The ability to program specific presets into the system makes the PLC an efficient motor control/load monitoring solution. Sight and Sound’s professional riggers will be able to lower and raise loads at ease, and rely on the system’s precision to always keep equipment on point. Along with the equipment, the Motion Labs’ professionals programmed the controllers that were installed. Load*Cells will be used for accurate load monitoring, supporting the safety of the system.

One of the key benefits of this system is the amount of time the theatre will save on maintenance and preparing for shows. Glen Broderson from Sight and Sound lead his team in making the decision to install the new rigging grid. He expressed how much easier it will be to pinpoint individual electrics for maintenance thanks to the soft limit system. This also makes prep time between productions quicker and more convenient. “With the new system, going from a 40 ft trim to a 30 ft trim is just a push of a few buttons,” Glen shared. The whole process has been valuable to Glen and his team, and we’re excited to see how the theatre will use the install in future productions.

Below are some great images of the install, courtesy of the Sight and Sound Theatre:



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