March 1, 2013 mountainproductions

Focusing on the Soft*Limit System’s safety benefits

Last month, we highlighted Motion Laboratories’ Soft*Limit System, and it’s high level of customization and convenience when handling motor control. The system is user friendly and accurate and adaptable to almost any application. Perhaps some of the most important points about the Soft*Limit System are its safety features. Greg Quinkert from Motion Labs has shared some more information on the system’s safety capabilities:

The following are inclusive of the Soft*Limit System and lend to overall safety and control:

  • • Built in redundant e-stop circuitry with reset at the control panel
  • • Remote hand held capability with e-stop and warning indicators available
  • • Auto stops as soft limits
  • • Individual or group based Encoder limits
  • • Lockout programming for QPO
  • • Remote e-stop placement
  • • Self leveling
  • • Monitor of position, movement and e-stop
  • • Override access for manual control
  • • Additional load monitoring capabilities are an option



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