February 18, 2013 mountainproductions

Staying ahead of the weather–Advanced weather monitoring to keep sites safe

Mountain Productions has been diligent in finding the best weather monitoring solutions in order to further increase and support safety awareness at each work site. Mountain’s crew recently took part in a training session with professional meteorologists from WeatherOps, one of our nation’s leaders in weather technology and consultation.

Along with this training and installation of a new weather tracking program, state-of-the-art wind meters will be used as well to pinpoint specific site locations. In turn, this provides our crew with prompt, up to date alerts and predictions of the weather conditions at any moment.


Mountain Productions training for the WeatherOps program

Mountain Productions’ crew training for the WeatherOps program

Proper weather monitoring is a huge step towards keeping any size event safe in the occurrence of inclement weather. After recent tragedies, it is more obvious than ever that serious and persistent weather tracking could be the difference between having a controlled plan of action and witnessing a terrible disaster.

The WeatherOps program is extremely beneficial in several ways. The installed software provides a multitude of layers and filters of weather data and analysis (and is portable via laptop accessibility). Event supervisors and crew members can be not one, but two or three steps ahead of the upcoming conditions with the help of the WeatherOps program. This service is complimented by a mobile platform app, which provides many of the same features of the laptop program.  Along with software support and online tracking tools, WeatherOps provides live support in the form of real-time alerts, calls and correspondence with professionally trained meteorologists. The accessibility of this program, plus the added support and tracking from real professionals makes the WeatherOps solution an ideal way to stay ahead of the weather.

Lead engineer, Paul Serkosky discussing new weather anemometers

Lead engineer, Paul Serkosky, discussing new weather anemometers with the team

Mountain is making sure to stay ahead of the curve, arming our team with the knowledge and information to properly handle potentially dangerous weather situations. No matter how much time you have spent perfecting and preparing your event, it only takes a matter of seconds for “Plan A” to turn to “Emergency Plan B”. We can’t prevent the weather, but we are prepared for it.

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