February 8, 2013 mountainproductions

[EVENT RECAP] Adidas NEO Fashion Show in NYC

New York City’s SIR Stage37 recently hosted a fashion show for Adidas’s trendy NEO Label line of products. Celebrity style icon for the brand Selena Gomez was in attendance. The NEO Label brand is a mix of sporty and casual clothing and footwear designed for teens and young adults. Mountain Productions set up the staging for the fashion event, providing a unique solution that was brand focused and customized for NEO.

The equipment provided for the show included:

  • • Custom 3-level scaffold structure
  • • Perimeter scaffold wall
  • • 3-tiered press riser/FOH

NEO Label was aiming for an “industrial” look and feel for the show. The 3 level scaffold structure was a great solution, and also provided a unique way to showcase NEO’s models who walked the structure as their runway. Mountain installed custom stair sets to connect each level. The resulting show was a successful display of a fresh and stylish brand in a non-conventional way. The photos below are taken from during the setup of the show.

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