January 31, 2013 mountainproductions

Online CM Lodestar Training Now Available Through Mountain Productions

Mountain Productions is excited to announce that we are now offering the Online CM Lodestar Maintenance Training course. Interested customers can purchase the license key to access the training by calling us at 570 826 5566. 

Visit our login page for further information.

Convenient online access to the proven and trusted CM Lodestar Training class

Convenient online access to the proven and trusted CM Lodestar Training class

New platform. Same level of detail.

CM has been offering this 1-day motor class for 30 years, training industry beginners and riggers to understand the fundamentals of Lodestar maintenance and repair. Now, this training class is available online with the same level of detail and instruction as the traditional course.

The internet is a great place to upload information for the simple reason that it is easy to access. Easier accessibility means the ability to spread your message to a vaster audience. CM has created the equivalent digital version of the Lodestar training class, making it much more convenient for interested customers to take part in the course (without compromising the detail you would get in person).

Added benefits of the online training..

The online maintenance training allows riggers to access this course without the inconvenience of expensive travel and boarding arrangements. This gives individuals the ability to complete the course on their own time, in the convenience of their own home. We know that everyone wishes they had a few more hours in their day, as schedules become more filled and days become busier. Many of us don’t have the time (or patience!) to sit through hours of training in a row. The online course is a great way to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Need a break from studying electrical wiring diagrams? Simply pause the training video chapter and return to it at your leisure.

Screenshot of the training course

Screenshot of the training course

What to expect..

CM explains what the Lodestar training will cover on their website:

This online course walks students through the disassembly
of the classic model “L” CM-ET Lodestar. Topics will include:

  • • Function and Inspection of key components
  • • Adjusting limit switches
  • • Inspecting and adjusting the brake
  • • Understanding CMCO specifications
    and inspection requirements
  • • Types of proper documentation
  • • Understanding basic electricity and wiring diagrams
  • • Performing a Load Test
  • • General maintenance, inspection and troubleshooting

Once the training has been successfully completed, students will be emailed a Certificate of Training. Certified ETCP Technicians can earn 4 renewal credits from taking this course.

Finally, this training is a perfect way to prepare for Mountain’s CM Hoist School (which is right around the corner this year). Completing this course will give students an upper hand when attending Hoist School and prepare them for the more advanced topics covered at Hoist School.

Interested yet? Give us a call at 570 826 5566 to speak to a Mountain salesman about this offer.

Click here to visit the Online CM Lodestar Maintenance Training login page.
Click here to visit the Hoist School website.


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