Atlantic City, NJ - The Pier

Atlantic City, NJ / Aerial View of AC On The Beach

Hosted by DO|AC, the On the Beach summer concert series brings in big name talent to a beautiful stage setting right by the water. Atlantic City sees hordes of beach goers and vacationers each summer, and the On the Beach event is a perfect venue for great entertainment without having to step indoors.
Over the last 7 years, Mountain Productions has provided staging and support structures including front of house, delay towers, groundcover flooring, ADA access, signage towers, and multiple VIP risers and platforms. By bringing it all the equipment required, this beach event attracts a large crowd to the water to celebrate every year summer.

Main Stages and Equipment Provided

  • SAM-575 Mobile Stage
  • Mountain Truss System
  • Custom Printed Softgoods
  • Scaffold Front of House
  • SMT Delay Towers
  • VIP Risers
  • Terratrak groundcover flooring
  • Signage Towers
  • ADA Access

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