Mountain Productions is the leader in staging and event services in North America. For over three decades, customers have relied on us for the highest quality staging and rigging products. We provide special event staging services for events of all kinds and sizes, whether you need a mobile stage for a community theater or a large, permanent structure that will host the biggest acts in the world. Our venue installation department is dedicated to saving you and your event space money, time, and resources. This allows you to book more shows, attract larger crowds, and reduce your labor and equipment costs.

Mountain Productions is built on the idea that safety is the main priority for any event. It’s why we customize and engineer all of our structures and why we have on-site mechanics, carpentry services and more. Mountain Productions handpicks the talent in our sales team, engineering department, marketing department and on our crew. Everyone receives extensive training and has entertainment industry experience to ensure things run smoothly for you. Mountain Productions also focuses on weather forecasting at every event, so crews and teams can respond to dangerous weather conditions quickly.


What makes us different? We handle events of all types, from hard-hitting music festivals to political events and college commencements. From small events to huge multi-day festivities, we can provide the staging, rigging and auxiliary equipment to make sure the event has a professional look and feel. In fact, we handle hundreds of events a year and have the resources to manage a wide range of details. Our engineering department, led by a Professional Engineer who is licensed in most of the United States, ensures your event complies with all local, state and federal building codes. We also contract a 3rd party engineering firm for peer reviews and to provide engineering for events in states and countries in which we do not have engineering licenses.


For more than three decades, Mountain Productions has led the event staging and rigging industry in North America for events of all kinds and sizes. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality entertainment production services using the best possible materials. Why trust your event to anyone else?

With a commitment to safety and the flexibility to handle just about any event, we can help you with all your staging and rigging needs. Need full set-up and support services so you can focus on the entertainment? With Mountain Productions, it’s not a problem. Need help with a unique set-up you’re not sure is even possible? Leave it to Mountain Productions.

Mountain Productions doesn’t just set up great events. We also teach out the knowledge we’ve gained over the last 30+ years in the industry with the Mountain Productions’ CM Hoist School for riggers and other industry pros.

Whether you need to rent staging and rigging equipment or you wish to purchase a permanent installation, contact Mountain Productions for more information.

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