Jaw-dropping Production for Concerts, Festivals, and Tours



For more than 30 years, Mountain Productions has led the entertainment industry in durable and versatile custom staging for outdoor concerts and events. We have designed and built temporary and permanent portable staging for outdoor events all over the world. Our sales team, engineers, marketing and crew professionals bring entertainment production expertise to every client we serve. When you choose Mountain Productions for your outdoor concert, you’ll get a world-class event, regardless of its size.

Mountain Productions can manage your custom production needs in both staging and rigging. From the largest custom staging event to the smallest concert that requires basic rigging only, we’ll provide what you need.

Indianapolis, IN / Hercules Grid with Scaffold Wings



Mountain Productions provides innovative and safe staging and rigging services for hundreds of outdoor venues every year. With Mountain Productions, you’ll get:

  • A huge selection of equipment available for rent and sale.
  • A fully staffed engineering department that can produce stamped prints.
  • On-site carpentry, tool, mechanic, welding, electrics, softgoods and paint shops.
  • Complete access to Columbus McKinnon products, including expert chain hoist service, repair, ordering and logistics.
  • Multiple detailed and reliable action plans for inclement weather that make safety the #1 priority.
  • Road supervisors with commercial driver’s licenses, allowing us to transport jobs on our own — jobs made easier because we own our own trailers and trucks.


Mountain Productions has created mobile staging for outdoor concerts and events such as:

  • Large music festivals around the country — including Lollapalooza, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest and the Firefly Music Festival. We have also created custom outdoor staging for jazz festivals in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.
  • Community and cultural events of all sizes — Check out the Mountain Productions online portfolio, where we feature large-scale events such as Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve, the New York State Fair and Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. Mountain Productions also designs and constructs outdoor mobile staging for smaller events across the nation, from Las Vegas to Philadelphia.
  • Headline acts and world tours — Mountain Productions has built durable and versatile outdoor stages around the world for many of the top acts in the entertainment industry.

Over the years. we have worked with many musical and entertainment acts. From Bruce Springsteen to the Hot 97 Summer Jam Festival, our stages and services are versatile enough for any size event. Mountain Productions' staging is safe and strong enough to endure the hardest rocking acts. We are experts in concert staging, and have traveled across the globe to set up events in the most exotic locations.


Mountain Productions has successfully produced over 18,000 events, and our three decades of experience speaks for itself. From designing a riser or platform to constructing a worldwide tour package for a bestselling artist, the quality of our services and technology are second to none. From Philadelphia and New York to Los Angeles and around the world, experienced entertainment professionals know they can rely on Mountain Productions.

Why trust your event to anyone else? When it comes to the highest quality equipment, engineering, and installation in the staging and rigging industry, Mountain Productions is unmatched. For more information on Mountain Productions, or to learn more about your custom outdoor staging options, contact us today.