New York, NY - Times Square

Times Square, NYC / Custom Truss Grid Stage

Times Square is one of the busiest places to be in New York City, let alone the entire United States. This naturally makes it a prime (but challenging) spot to host product reveals and promotional events. Shell hit the streets of Times Square with what they called the largest fuel campaign in North America, and introduced their new premium formula, V-Power NiTRO+ with the help of a unique experiential event. A vintage and exotic car display caught the eye of many guests, along with interactive games for attendees to participate in.

Mountain Productions has setup countless events in Times Square, and was brought in as staging provider for Shell’s promotional event. We built a 40’ deep truss tower stage with ADA ramps leading to the decking that hosted the interactive game stations and supplied 3,000 sq/ft of Terratrak Plus groundcover.

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