Miami, FL - Hard Rock Stadium

Miami, FL / Hercules Roof Postmates Stage, 2017

Since 2017, Rolling Loud Miami has been one of the premiere hip hop festivals in the country. Not only has Rolling Loud featured some of the biggest acts in the industry, its massive lineups every year feature some of the best up and coming acts as well. In 2018, the festival moved from Bayfront Park to the home of the Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium.

With such an extensive lineup each year, it is no surprise that Rolling Loud Miami features a large number of stages. Our MTN HD+ system has been used as the main stage, while our MTN SP-1, Hercules Roof, and SAM-550 have been used as side stages for the event. We have also provided custom entryways, delay towers, barricade and more for this incredible event.

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