Yonkners, NY - St. Joe's Seminary

Yonkers, NY / Supermega Truss Grid


In April of 2008, Pope Benedict XVI visited the United States for the first time, which was the sixth official papal visit to the US since 1984. Mountain Productions proudly provided staging for three of the stops on the Pope’s visit.

At St. Joe’s Seminary in Yonkers, NY, over 20,000 teenagers and young adults gathered to witness the Pope’s message, who then led a youth rally for the benefit of child abuse victims at the venue. The stage that hosted the rally was provided by Mountain Productions, and was a truss tower stage with a Supermega Truss roof grid. The massive stage was an eye-catching center point, with custom printed softgoods and truss video supports flanking each stage wing. The downstage decking featured two thrusts which extended out into the audience area. Groundcover flooring was also laid on the venue grounds to avoid damaging the field.

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