Bethlehem, PA - Steel Stacks

Bethlehem, PA / Scaffold Entranceway

Not many festivals can say that their event is attended by 900,000 fans. Musikfest, however, is on a level all of its own, hosting over 500 shows over 10 days in Mountain Productions’ home state of Pennsylvania. Located in Bethlehem right by the iconic Steel Stacks, Musikfest is one of the largest music and arts festivals in the country, and the industrial aesthetic of the Steel Stacks adds to the unique festival experience. Musikfest not only features national performing artists, but also is an amazing showcase of local musical talent, providing an invaluable opportunity for up-and-coming artists.

Mountain Productions and Musikfest have been working together for over 20 years, assisting with the staging production for the event. Mountain’s Hercules Grid System is trusted to stand as the Sands Steel Main Stage for Musikfest, hosting all of the nationally known artists. Along with the main stage, Mountain provides the scaffold entranceway leading into the main stage venue as well as a variety of side stages and supporting structures all over the event grounds.

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