Walker, MN - Moondance Events

Walker, MN / Hercules Grid with Scaffold Wings


Moondance Jam is recognized as Minnesota’s largest rock festival and one of the country’s premier classic rock events. The event has grown immensely from its inception in 1992, and now entertains tens of thousands of rock fans at the annual festival. 300 acres of camping, food and beverage stands, open festival seating and VIP areas accompany Mountain Productions’ main stage at Moondance. Over the years, Moondance Jam has welcomed world-class talent including Boston, Chicago, Blues Traveler, Sammy Hagar, Peter Frampton, Motley Crue, KISS, and countless other legends of rock and roll.

Mountain Productions has proudly staged the Moondance Jam festival for many years, providing the classic strength of the Hercules Grid System as the main stage. The stage provides incredible VIP areas with the help of Mountain’s onstage “floating” VIP barges built into the scaffold stage wings. Additional scaffold bays are built for stair access to each stage wing’s VIP areas.

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