Chicago, IL - Grant Park

Chicago, IL / 2 x MTN Truss HD+ Stage Systems, Sound Wings, Camera Platforms, Floating VIP barges, Delay Towers, and Bridges

Neilsen’s 2016 Audience Insight Report on Music Festivals, 52% of the general population have heard of Lollapalooza. The annual festival is one of the most renowned events in music, drawing crowds of over 150,000 for the weekend festival. Most of modern music’s household names have performed at Lollapalooza, which covers a diverse range of musical genres. Performers on Lollapalooza’s bill have included icons such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, Kanye West, Stone Temple Pilots, Lady Gaga, and hundreds more. Currently occupying Grant Park in Chicago, Lollapalooza is a must-see experience with its focus on music as well as dance, comedy, craft, and visual art.

For a festival of such magnitude as Lollapalooza, Mountain Productions holds nothing back when staging the event. For the past several years, Mountain Productions has provided staging to the festival, including not one, but two Mountain Truss Systems as the main performance stages. Truckloads of additional equipment are used to build additional ancillary structures throughout the event grounds, including delay towers, front of house positions, barricade, risers, and more.

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