New York, NY - Lincoln Center

Manhattan, NY / View of Tomcat Roof Grid

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts hosts a variety of performance arts organizations and festivals that are nationally, and internationally renowned. The complex is located in Manhattan, and has 30 indoor and outdoor performance facilities—this venue’s reputation is hard to match, and is a celebrated icon in the city. One of Lincoln Center’s yearly events is the Midsummer Night Swing, which has been running for 25 years and has been New York’s hottest outdoor swing dance party at the venue’s Damrosch Park. For three weeks, the outdoor amphitheater features performances by artists in the swing, blues, salsa, big band, disco, and tango genres.

For many years, Mountain Productions has provided the main stage for the Midsummer Night Swing festival at Lincoln Center. The stage is a truss tower structure with a truss roof grid built in front of the amphitheater shell. Large stage right and left covered risers are built by the stage, and a tall header area allows for key branding space with custom printed softgoods. Mountain also builds the elevated dance floor decking for the event along with the custom softgood panels for the stage.

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