East Rutherford, NJ - The Meadowlands

East Rutherford, NJ / 8 Post Mountain Truss System


Millions of hip hop fans in New York City, New Jersey, and all over the nation tune in to WQHT, also known as Hot 97, for their rap radio fix, boosting the station into national popularity. The radio station, owned by Emmis Communications, goes beyond the studio microphones and hosts an annual hip hop festival called the Summer Jam. Each year’s biggest rap artists gather at the Summer Jam for the festival, giving fans the live performance they’re looking for after listening to their favorite artists every day on the radio.

Mountain Productions has provided the main stage system for Hot 97’s Summer Jam for over 10 years, each growing in production every year. The festival draws huge crowds, and requires a strong system to support the show’s production. In recent years, Mountain Productions has built the super strong Mountain Truss HD System at the festival as its main stage, while also provided mobile stages for the supplementary performance areas outside the stadium.

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