Gettysburg, PA - State of Pennsylvania Monument

Gettysburg, PA / Truss Tower Staging with Custom Printed Softgoods

It’s an honor to provide the platform for a performance by the President’s Own Marine Corps Band, and Mountain Productions proudly built staging for the 2013 Congressional Medal of Honor outdoor concert in Gettysburg, PA. The event was historically reminiscent and featured a powerful performance to celebrate the Medal of Honor ceremony.

Mountain Productions engineered a truss tower system and grid with left and right audio towers. The system stood 36’ tall at it’s center peak and provided a 50’ x 40’ performance area. Mountain clad the system with custom printed softgoods to match the patriotic theme of the concert.

Main Equipment Provided:

  • 50’ w x 36’ t Truss Tower System and Roof Grid
  • Two 15’ w x 15’ d x 34’ t Audio Towers
  • Press Platform
  • Two Camera Platforms
  • Custom Softgood roof panels and printed banners

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