New York, NY - Times Square

Times Square, NY / SL-250 Mobile Stage

CBGB is known as the original New York City hardcore and punk rock club, and has entered music history as one of the most iconic venues of all time. The history of CBGB is unprecedented, and after the club’s closure in 2006, CBGB re-invented itself as the largest music festival in New York City in 2012. The CBGB Festival had multiple stages and artist performances all throughout the city. Mountain Productions joined up with the CBGB Festival in 2014 and built two mobile stages in New York City for the event.

Mobile stages were efficient and worked well within the tight quarters in New York City. Mountain Productions built the SL-260 mobile stage and the SL-250 mobile stage with covered wing extensions.

Main Equipment Provided:

  • SL-260 Mobile Stage
  • SL-250 Mobile Stage

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