Moosic, PA - Montage Mountain

Montage Mountain, PA / SAM-550 Mobile Stage

Camp Bisco is a popular outdoor music festival that takes place within an hour of Mountain Productions headquarters. The picturesque Montage Mountain in Moosic, PA hosts the 3-day event in the summer. Fans of Camp Bisco are diehard, and make sure this festival is on their list of go-to shows each season. The festival continues to grow, offering music and activites (and even a wellness program!).

Mountain Productions supports this locally hosted event and has provided staging to Camp Bisco every year it’s been held at Montage Mountain. For the 2016 event, Mountain Productions built the SAM-550 mobile stage, FOH, and additional risers.

Main Equipment Provided:

  • SAM-550 Mobile Stage
  • 8 x 8 Rolling Risers
  • 20’ x 11’ FOH

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