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With over 43 years of experience in project and production management, staging, rigging, and structural design, Simon Franklyn is a consummate professional in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Mountain Productions is excited to announce Franklyn’s addition to the Mountain team as our Director of West Coast Operations. His passion and innovative spirit with advance Mountain Productions’ long-standing reputation as North America’s leading staging and rigging company.

Franklyn has served a wide variety of roles in entertainment production including Master Rigger, Lead Staging Supervisor, Production Manager, Rigging Contractor, Key Rigging Grip, Structural Designer, and Project Consultant. These are just a portion of his titles and responsibilities throughout his extensive career.

Our Director of West Coast Operations previously served as a Tour Production Rigger working for many of the most iconic names in the entertainment industry, such as Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Queen, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, and The Who. In his position as Lead Staging Supervisor, Simon was responsible for designing and building some of the largest stage structures in the past 30 years for outdoor events. This path took him back on the road where he worked as a Project Manager and Freelance Structural Consultant on projects all throughout the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, South America, and Australia. His ability to successfully manage technically complex installations on tight schedules in different parts of the world helped him succeed in this role.

Franklyn has been responsible for the safe installation of hundreds of hanging structures as Master Rigger for a wide variety of industries including Film, TV, Festivals, Theater, Theme Parks, Award Shows, Sports and Special Events, and more. Additionally, he has designed and operated flying systems and motion control rigs for everything from aerial performers to vehicles. Franklyn specializes in unusual and challenging installation projects and has the thorough knowledge of rigging, hoisting, lifting, crane work, truss, and scaffold structures needed to fulfill each project safely and successfully.