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When it comes to building a world-class concert or entertainment venue, the production industry knows it can count on Mountain Productions. For over 40 years, Mountain Productions has built large-scale stages for worldwide tours, permanent venues and one-time events.

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Our team provides our customers with nearly endless options for stage design and construction, giving every event a unique feel. When it comes to quality, versatility and dependability, no other entertainment production company can match Mountain Productions.

Unmatched Versatility. Simple Preparation.

From our very first show, Mountain Productions has relied on Layher All-Around scaffold to provide our client with the most versatile scaffold staging structure available. Our scaffold stage can be built almost anywhere, with little or no surface preparation. That means you can design your stage without worrying about additional costs or damage.

Scaffold Rosette

At its heart is an eight-hole rosette that makes this system highly adaptable and customizable, as well as easy to assemble with no more than a hammer. The design evenly distributes weight allowing it to be built on almost any terrain. In addition to these features, the dimensions and configurations are limitless, allowing us to provide you with any structure you can imagine. That's why the world's most popular acts count on Mountain Productions to set the standard for staging excellence.

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Our scaffold staging systems are suitable for the largest and most elaborate acts in the world. We are equipped to provide scaffold stages to various sized events throughout the USA. Additionally, our concert scaffolding rental equipment is available for international events. Not only are our scaffold stages versatile, but they are also strong. Coupled with our Hercules roof grid, the scaffold staging system has been used to rig enormous loads for some of the largest concerts in the past 40 years, including the 1984-1985 Jacksons' Victory Tour all the way up to the recent years of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, NV. Our scaffold stage is the choice for yearly events such as White River State Park Concert Series in Indiana.

In addition to complimentary support structures, Mountain Productions also offers weather protection for our scaffold system. Constructed of high quality vinyl, Mountain Productions' weather protection is guaranteed to protect your talent and valuable equipment in the event of inclement weather.

Toronto, Canada / Veld Music Festival
Philadelphia, PA / Made in America
Little Rock, AR / Dave Matthews Band
Cayman Islands / Cayman Jazz Fest
San Bernadino, CA / Beyond Wonderland
Las Vegas, NV / Electric Daisy Carnival
New York / Korea Fest
Boston, MA / Boston Calling
Indianapolis, IN / Final Four
Bethlehem, PA / Musikfest
Kansas City, MO / Rockfest
Indianapolis, IN / White River State Park

North America's Leader In Concert Scaffolding Rental and Sales

Whether you need to rent concert scaffolding for a one-time event or you need to purchase equipment for a tour or permanent venue, Mountain Productions is your source for versatility and durability. You'll find a huge selection of staging equipment in addition to scaffolding — such as mobile stages, towers and trusses, security barricades, support structures, seating of all kinds, safety equipment, parts and accessories.

We have staged, engineered and serviced entertainment structures of all kinds and sizes. With experience in nearly every type of public event, you'll see there is no event production aspect we can't help you with. For more information about our staging services, or how you can buy or rent equipment, contact Mountain Productions today.