Combining the quick setup of a mobile stage with the size and capacity of larger systems.



The SAM-550 is the largest mobile stage in the Mountain Productions' fleet. Excellent for small festivals, concert series and university special events, the SAM-550 boasts a 50' x 38' performance area and a roof grid capable of supporting enormous weight. Additional truss roof supports on the front and back of the stage, similar to that of the SL-320, are features that allow the SAM-550 to stabilize heavy loads without overstressing the structure. Used by some of the largest touring acts in the world, the SAM-550 sets the bar for the mobile stage market in size and ability.

Made in America / SAM-550
Pocono Downs Summer Series / SAM-550
Camp Bisco / SAM-550
PSU Movin’ On / SAM-550
Electric Daisy Carnival / SAM-550
Googamooga / SAM-550
Canton, MA / Life is Good
Dover, DE / Firefly


Designed to support enormous loads, the SAM-550 nearly doubles the capacity of our other mobile stages by holding up to 38,000 lbs. A feature unique to the SAM-550 is its cantilevered truss sound wings. These extensions are supported by tensioned wires that span the top of the stage and allow each side to hold up to 7,000 lbs. This, coupled with its impressive trim height, allows the SAM-550 to handle a full-size line array that is standard for all major acts on the road today.


Aside from its load bearing abilities, the SAM-550 is an extremely versatile structure. With its highly adaptable decking mounts, the SAM-550 can easily be configured with any number of different add-ons such as loading bays, wing extensions, stairs and ramps. Where other mobile stages are limited to their original size, this feature allows the SAM-550 to expand to the needs of the client for any event.


Performance Area

Stage Height

Upstage Clearance

Downstage Clearance

Trailer Length

Trailer Width

50' x 40'


26' 6"

26' 6"

52' 6"

8' 2"


Load Bearing Capacity

Built-in Rigging Points (4)

Trusses in Central Roof (2)

Front Truss (1)

Rear Truss (1)

Side Speaker Points

38,000 lbs

2200 lbs ea

4000 lbs ea

4000 lbs ea

4000 lbs ea

7000 lbs ea