Quick to setup, but large enough for major tours and festivals.


For over 40 years, Mountain Productions has staged, engineered and constructed the best and biggest entertainment productions in North America. We have provided outdoor mobile staging to venues across the USA and internationally. Clients of all sizes have used our mobile stages, including the 2014 Samsung Galaxy Reveal which took place in New York City at Times Square. We provide high-quality structures for events of all kinds and sizes, including small community events, commencement ceremonies, concerts and music festivals, religious gatherings and more.


The SL-100 is the smallest mobile stage in our fleet. This unit is small enough to fit into tight areas, yet still offers many of the features that make our larger mobile units so popular.


The SL-250 is the most popular model in our hydraulic autostage fleet. This stage combines both size and strength to become the sought after choice of universities and small festivals across the country.


The SL-260 is similar to the SL-250's design, but with added and improved features including increased trim height and rigging capacity.


This stage is the largest mobile unit in the SL family with high wind resistance and large load bearing capabilities.


The SAM-550 is the largest mobile stage we offer, and is excellent for small festivals, concert series and university special events.


The Promobile is an innovative VIP area that features an upper level lounge and the opportunity for premium branded softgoods. This mobile unit is versatile enough for a wide variety of applications.

Mobile Concert Stages Across North America

Mountain Productions offers a full line of mobile autostages. These stages offer a great solution for festivals of all sizes, especially those where time and budget are of concern. Our mobile hydraulic autostages can be installed in a matter of hours with minimal labor, yet still have high rigging capacities for sound, lighting and video. Perfect for outdoor use, our mobile stages can also be installed indoors.

Decorate For a Beautiful Presentation

Able to be finished with backdrops, speaker scrims and skirts, Mountain Productions' mobile autostages can offer that high profile look that even the biggest names demand. Our softgoods section can give you details on our variety of scrim and backdrop options.

Protection From Unexpected Weather

Optional three-sided weather protection provides concealment from even the harshest weather conditions. Visit our weather protection page for more information. Combined, these features make our mobile stages the ideal choice for time sensitive events that still demand the look of our more permanent structures.

Contact Mountain Productions For Your Mobile Staging Needs

Whether you need a mobile staging rental for your community event or you need to rent a large portable stage for a worldwide tour, Mountain Productions is here to help. For more information about renting or purchasing a mobile stage, contact Mountain Productions today.